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The pace is slower. The skies are bluer. The future is brighter.

More free time

In Pullman, traffic jams are a distant memory. With just 19 traffic signals, rush “hour” lasts about 10 minutes. That means less stress and more time to chase your dreams.




Walk or bike to work and school

Make your commute part of your daily exercise program! It’s easy to get around by bicycle and on foot. The city maintains 15 miles of paved bicycle and pedestrian paths.


Fun and fitness

Get your move on! You won’t believe the variety of sports and recreational activities.

Fresh, locally grown food

Pullman lies at the heart of one of the world’s great agricultural regions. That means you can enjoy locally sourced foods and fabulous local dining.

WSU has the largest organic teaching farm in the country. Through its Community Supported Agriculture program you can buy local, organic produce directly from the farm.

You can also buy fresh, local produce at farmers’ markets in Pullman and neighboring Moscow.

If you’re a lentil lover, don’t miss the Legendary Lentil Cook-Off at the annual National Lentil Festival.


“I love the small town atmosphere. I love being able to go home for lunch. I love being only 10 minutes from work. I’m happy I stumbled onto Pullman. It’s a great place to live.”

Karen Garrett

Desktop Support Lead, WSU Information Technology

Commitment to sustainability

In Pullman, it’s easy to be green



You can get around easily using public transportation, carpools, and green bikes.



Pullman’s recycling program is an easy, efficient sorted program.



The city offers education and water-saving devices to encourage water conservation.

Excellent health care services

Top hospitals and clinics

Spokane is home to one of the nation’s best collection of health care services. It’s just a 90-minute drive away. There you’ll find many specialists in all major areas.

A campus dedicated to health sciences

WSU’s Spokane campus is home to the colleges of pharmacy, nursing, and medical sciences.

Health insurance for WSU employees

WSU’s generous benefits package includes excellent medical insurance.